A Quick Overview of What We Do

Here is a little more information about what type of work I do, and what you can do. The two tests at the end are very beneficial and a good start to understanding why and where your issues are coming from.

As a Doctor of Chiropractic, my focus is on you and helping you learn how to get yourself well. We will begin by addressing the#1 problem in America, inflammation, and #2, improper digestive issues that also aggravates #1. Deficiencies and imbalances can worsen every disease, symptom, condition, concern, and craving. I am a CAUSE Doctor; I will help you understand what is causing and or contributing to your condition and what we can do to correct it-not how to hide the symptoms. Health is very simple. We all need the same basic ingredients to be well, what I can help you realize is, what is missing or what is in excess for you, and then how you can bring your health back in balance.

If you care to, watch some of the videos to understand the diversity of what you can do. To start, here are videos with a cross section of conditions in my office. These and more can be found on the YouTube link on my website drtimkelly.net

  • This 67-year-old man came in with a long list of complaints and took on the challenge to follow my recommendations and gave me 5 weeks to improve his health with only one office visit:


  • A 4 ½ week old baby that could not eat more than 1 oz. of formula without spitting it up and screaming,

Results in 15 minutes:


  • A woman with crippling Rheumatoid Arthritis in 1998 changed her diet and started taking one supplement. In

March 2015, she became #3 in the World in CrossFit Competition for Woman over 60 years old:


  • This is the progress of an Autistic child that I treated, using the Neurological Organization Thechnique NOT.

She is now a delightful straight A student and a Star ballerina: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBvXeEbdRRY

On my website home page is the link to TAKE TESTS. Take the first two TESTS and email or bring in your results for interpretation. These will help you to understand some of the factors contributing to your health imbalances and what you can do to correct them.

First Test is the Braverman Test, developed by Dr. Eric Braverman, which looks how nutrition affect the neurotransmitters in your brain that control your thoughts and health. This is from the book “The Edge Effect”, which helps pinpoint imbalances in your internal chemistry, and how it affects your health.


The Second Test is the Food Advisor Test. This test looks at what you eat in an average week and calculates your nutrient deficiencies. Afterwards, it will tell you need to eat to fix those deficiencies.