Reset your Brain & Gait: Do this 5 to 10 times and you will improve coordination, focus, and enhance performance in all activities. Try this when you are lying awake and can’t fall asleep, it will help relax you.


Illustration for Right Handed People - Reverse if you are Left Handed

In a coordinated, synchronized, slow fluid motion;

Lift your right arm - left knee - and turn your face to the right, as you inhale, pause, then lower the arm and leg and rotate your face back to forward, stopping all three at the exact same time as you exhale. Next lift the left arm and right knee with no head movement, pause and lower together, Repeat.

For Left Handed People: Turn face to the left only when the left arm and right knee come up.


INDIGESTION: People often eat too fast, they don’t chew their food well enough, and then drink during and after eating which dilutes stomach acid and disrupts digestion. This leads to bloating, reflux, gallbladder issues, IBS, constipation, diarrhea... Fix this by chewing thoroughly 25-50-100 times, and drink only before you eat.

FOOD COMBINING: Don’t mix protein with carbs/starchy foods, eat fruit alone, this will help you digest.

CANDIDA YEAST: Symptoms; post nasal drip, throat tickle, yeast infection, headache, irritability, fatigue, crave sweets... Yeast converts sugar into alcohol causing inflammation. The alcohol puts a burden on the liver causing blood sugar issues; you feel sleepy in the morning, mid-day and wake up at 2-3 AM and can’t fall back to sleep for an hour or more. Supplements and diet are used to resolve this.

OMEGA 3 OILS: Essential for heart and mental health. Deficiency leads to; dry flaky skin, hair problems, PMS, constant thirst, EPA & DHA are required. Our brains are 60% fat, as are hormones, and cell walls. 20-30% of our diet should be good fats. Found in grass-fed meats, wild caught fish, use EV olive oil, coconut oil, organic butter from grass fed cows, and Nordic Naturals Oils, ONLY. Avoid Inflammatory Omega 6 oils from; dairy, grains, grain feed meats, vegetable- peanut-corn-canola oils, fried food, hydrogenated oil.

BRAIN CHEMISTRY: With a simple test (on my website, Braverman Test), it indicates your Dopamine, Acetylcholine, GABA, and Serotonin levels. These 4 neurotransmitters in our brain are responsible for our physical and mental wellbeing, and affect almost all aspects of our daily lives. You will easily see what is out of balance, and what steps you can take to correct deficiencies with nutrition and supplements.

WHAT IS MISSING IN YOUR DIET: This is a simple test (on my website, Food Advisor Test), you enter what you eat in an average week. It calculates the proteins, vitamins, minerals, omega oils, and shows which ones are low, and how to put those missing nutrients back in your diet. Recipes included.

FREE RADICALS: These unstable molecules attack your cells leading to; heart disease, cancer, stroke, arthritis, diabetes, aging…on the positive side, they attack bad bacteria. Our bodies require the proper nutritional balance of enzymes, vitamins A, C, E, and bioflavonoids found in our food to keep them stable.

HEAVY METAL TOXICITY: Many chronic conditions are linked to an excess of mercury, lead, aluminum, arsenic, and copper in our bodies. These metals can come from our food, water, air, pesticides, medicine, dental fillings… Eating super foods like kale, broccoli, and garlic… have shown to be protective.

FOOD SENSITIVITY: Is your food killing you? Eliminate: cow’s milk, wheat, peanuts, soy, vegetable oil, and processed food. This will help reduce sinus congestion, asthma, bloating after eating, swelling, tiredness, and itching. If you simply stop eating inflammatory foods, you will lose weight and be healthier.

PARASITES: Can be found in many places; food, water, pets, soil ... Symptoms will vary. It may be worthwhile to do an internal cleansing 1-2 times per year with natural remedies.

IS YOUR PAIN ALL IN YOUR HEAD: Is your brain doing you a favor by keeping you in pain to distract you from what is really bothering you? STRESS, ANGER, and FEAR. Can your thoughts contribute to your pain?