New Patients: Your First Visit

kelly with patient

What to Bring to Your First Visit:

If You Have Been in an Auto Accident, Bring:

  • Completed Auto Accident Form
  • Auto Insurance Card
  • Claim Number
  • Police Report
  • Health Insurance Information
  • X-rays or MRI’s
  • Supplements or nutrients you are currently taking

And be sure to take the Braverman Test, as the results will be essential to your visit and path to wellness with Buckhead Wellness Center.

If you need directions to our office, please click here for a link to Google Maps or call us at (404) 477-1589.

Before your visit, you might find it helpful to view some of Dr Kelly’s videos found throughout this site. Here are a few that are very good for new patients to watch:

Video – Dr. Kelly on What to Expect on Your First Visit

Video – Dr. Kelly on How Chewing Your Food Can Help You Live Longer