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Cracking Dyslexia


A local chiropractor says he can help children with learning disabilities. But some say all the benefits might be in his patients’ heads. Creative Loafing Interview ~ January 23, 1988 By Steven Beeber

Common Imbalances

CANDIDA YEAST: Typically caused after taking antibiotics, birth control pills, hormone replacement therapy, high sugar and carbohydrate diets. Almost any symptom can be associated with Candida over growth; headache, confusion, depression, irritability, tiredness, perfume sensitivity, sweets cravings. Yeast converts sugar into alcohol, aldehydes, and formaldehyde. This then disrupts the protective lipid cell membrane resulting in chronic irritation.

Nutrition Education – Diet Recourses

delicatessen anchovy mixed  - vegetable salad with boilrd eggs

Looking for a resources to help you eat better and live a healthy and vibrant lifestyle?

Cancer Resources

Here are some great resources for Cancer Patients: Dr. Gonzales – Dr. Gonzales  Treating Pancreatic cancer patients with great results Important Information when the Diagnosis is Cancer from a Naturopath and Clinical Nutritionist Hope Kits $29 for $250 worth of books and recordings from the Herring Hope Foundation The Moss Reports Dr Ralph Moss a cancer […]

Omega-3 Supports Healthy Immune Response

Omega-3 Supports Healthy Immune Response

We are what we eat! Dietary fats are used to construct every cell in the body. Cell membranes are made from fatty acids and serve as a protective barrier for eachand every cell. They protect the cell from its surroundings while facilitating cell-to-cell communication. Cell membranes also serve as a reservoir for fatty acids. This reservoir of fatty acids provides precursors to powerful hormone-like moleculesthat drive the body’s immune response and can promote anti-inflammatory activity.

Digestion and The Importance of Chewing Our Food


Dr. Tim Kelly teaches all his patients the need to properly digest our food ~ and it all begins in your mouth.

Atlanta Chiropractor Teams with CDC, Former Surgeon General on Making America Healthy

Gabriel Senior Recital 027

GEORGIA: Buckhead Wellness Center chiropractor, Timothy P. Kelly, DC, joined former Surgeon General, David Satcher, MD, PhD, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Casey Chosewood, MD, to discuss ways to improve America’s health. Recommendations included educating consumers on the importance of including foods high in Omega 3 fatty acids to their diets, foods […]

What to Expect During a Visit


Dr. Kelly talks about what to expect when you come for an appointment.

Importance of Enzymes – video


Dr. Kelly discusses the importance of enzymes

Cracking Dyslexia

The method Dr. Kelly uses is something he calls Neural Organization Technique (NOT). An outgrowth of applied kinesiology-the study of body motion, position, and function.-NOT is unique from most chiropractic techniques in that it emphasizes realigning bones in the skull as well as bones in the spine.

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